All too many Agency-Client discussions seem to go nowhere. It is as if the two parties were talking at each other and not with each other.

The reason that this happens is very simple. They have different perspectives and passions.

Agencies like to focus on the Creative process. They believe they live in a world of Ideas. They marvel at the power of Ideas. They believe that Ideas can change the world.

Clients on the other hand don’t get that excited about Ideas. They are more excited about results. They are passionate about the power of Ideas to get them the results that they have committed to.

This is because Agencies Create and Clients Innovate.

The Creative process is about combining Ideas to create new Ideas. Not necessarily good or useful ideas but new nonetheless.

The process of Innovation is all about making an idea an outcome. It is about weeding through the weaker ideas and coming upon the product or service that will be valuable to someone and make a difference in the marketplace.

The next time you are involved in a discussion that is going nowhere ask yourself if it is this difference in perspectives that is clouding the issue.

It will be your chance to creatively bring the discussion to a productive result!

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