Here is a question for you. If you don’t answer it honestly you won’t be helping yourself.

Think back to the last five presentations you have given. As a percentage of the total time preparing the presentation, how much time did you spend on the charts and the actual slide show? How much time did you spend doing the research?  I’m guessing that it was probably anywhere from 70 to 90%.

Here’s another question. How much time did you spend thinking about and practicing how you would deliver the presentation? I’m guessing maybe 10%-if that.

This is typical. It is also not very smart.

Communications experts will tell you that over 90% of all communication come from the delivery. This is the combination of your voice and your body language. Only 7-10% of all communication comes from the actual words. In other words, how you say it matters. A lot.

This is why great presenters often sell lousy ideas.

It is also the reason that many great ideas die at presentation time. The presenter killed them.

If you want better presentations spend more time on the delivery.  How will you say it?  What will your body language communicate?

Will it say, “this idea is great and I love it” or will it be saying, “I’m terrified and I would like this ordeal to end as quickly as possible”.

The choice is yours. If you want better results, make sure that when your body talks (and it will), it says the right things.

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