The word “presentation” is misleading.

Wikipedia defines it as “ the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner.”

This sounds like information sharing but in the world of business it makes more sense to think of every presentation as a sale.

You are selling the following things:

First and foremost, you are selling your Idea. Whatever the content of the presentation, you want your audience to be convinced of your point of view and to permit you to take the action you are recommending

Secondly, you are selling the company you represent. If your presentation is well received, the credibility of your company is enhanced.

Finally, you are selling yourself. With every successful presentation you are building your personal Brand and your level of credibility on the subject.

Always be aware of these three elements in every presentation you make.

And remember that every time you are able to sell these three things, you are making the next sale easier.

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