In the Agency business you are always two phone calls away from a catastrophe.

This sounds overly paranoid but it is the truth. Accounts are lost constantly and for many reasons.

Sometimes the Agency is struggling on the Account and you can see it coming. This allows you to plan for it

All too often it comes as a complete surprise.

It can be caused by a gigantic merger that brings your account into conflict.

There may be a change in Management at your Client.

Technology or geographic competition can wipe out industries.

Or it can be because one of your people really lost it and said or did something really stupid.

On the other side of the coin, winning new business is like advertising Viagra.

It makes you feel great and even though it brings its own set of issues, these are “good” problems to have.

It could be argued that nothing is more important for survival and growth than new business success. The issue lies in the fact that all Agencies know this and the new business wars are brutal.

Little things are often the difference between winning and losing.

So take a look through the New Biz section of the blog. You might find some useful tips.

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