Have you ever looked at advertising and wondered what they were trying to sell you?

Here is a great example


It happens with an alarming frequency and is the worst possible sin that an ad can commit.

The money that was spent producing and airing the spot might well have been flushed down the toilet.

It is vital that people quickly and easily understand what the Brand is promising its consumers. If it has to explained it is no good. It must be an easy read from looking at the Ad.

So what is the Brand promising its consumers? How will it make their life better?

In the case of Pantene shampoo, the benefit is clearly shiny hair.

For Axe body spray the benefit is that it makes you irresistible to women.

Sometimes a Brand will market several products and have several benefits. A good example is McDonald’s which sells tasty hamburgers to adults, fun happy meals to kids, and healthy salads to Moms. This type of Brand will often use a consumer proposition which is what it wants consumers to believe about the overall Brand.

For many years, McDonald’s promised its consumers that it “makes you smile”. That proposition worked well as an umbrella promise for all its products and was the one thing that people consistently took away from the communication.

If you do not immediately understand the benefit or the proposition in the advertising you are evaluating go back to the drawing board.  It will be well worth the time.

There is nothing more important than letting the consumer easily understand what the Brand is selling.

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