In Improv comedy there is a game called “Yes…and”. It is played by a group of people. One of them starts telling a story and hands it over to the next person. This person “receives” the story by saying “yes” and then builds on it after saying “and”.

The results are usually unexpected and often hilarious. And even though it sounds absurd, there is method in this madness and this method helps a lot in Brainstorm sessions.

We are trained to think logically and whenever we are faced with things that don’t make sense, our first response is to bring the logic. We say “no” or “that makes no sense”.

This is the kiss of death . Once “no” appears every one shuts up or goes on guard because they have no idea if their turn to be censured is next.

In your next Idea generation session make sure you say ‘YES”.

When we are forced to say “yes”, the flow of the session is not disturbed.  No one goes on the defensive.

We are also obliged to receive the information that is given to us and build on it, not judge it or destroy it.

We are also often taken out of our comfort zone because we have no idea what people are going to come up with. In Idea Gen this is a very good thing.

Finally, because no one really knows where the dynamic is going, no one can jump ahead and come to a “logical” conclusion. So we are forced to go with the flow.

Remember we are not looking for the logical solution-we want the creative one. Saying “yes” will help you get it.

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