Most great athletes will tell you that there is a moment in every game where the final result is decided. This is when the game turns in favor of one side or the other. It is chockfull of pressure and players react differently. Some players don’t like the pressure. Their performance is affected negatively. Some even go so far as to stay away from the action. At least they will not be blamed when the Team loses…

Great players love “winning time”. They love the pressure and want to be the ones who actually win the game and get the glory.

In the world of Advertising, Presentation time is “winning time”. This is the pressure filled moment that will determine whether the great idea you presented will be approved.  It really does not matter if the proposal is brilliant and will dramatically impact the Brand. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, if it does not get approved then it is not approved.

As in Sports, some advertising people love presentation time. They play “big” and get things approved.  Others shrink away, perform poorly and accept defeat.

Can people prepare better for Presentation Time?

I believe they can, and I would ask you to look through this blog for many useful tips on how.

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