Here is a hypothetical question for Marketers.

Imagine that you were told that, no matter how well you did your job, your sales for next year could only rise by a determined percentage next year. And by the way, that percentage would not be much over inflation, if at all.

Imagine if you were told that your profit margin should be limited to a specific percentage, and that percentage would probably be lower than the profit margin made by the party setting the cap.

Imagine that, in absolute numbers, the amount of dollars that you made, were lower by a factor of ten, than the amount of dollars made by the person setting these rules.

Imagine finally, that you were told by this third party, that they expected you to work only on what they considered important, and that if you tried to increase your income elsewhere, it would not be well looked upon.

Would you respond by giving your best effort?

Would you go the extra mile to make sure that your work was done at the highest possible level of quality?

Would you feel like a valued member of the Team?

Unfortunately, this is not a hypothetical question.

This is the situation that most Marketers unwittingly impose on their Agencies when fees are negotiated.

Think about it when you are not getting all you want out of your Agency…

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