I once worked on a large piece of business in a Global Agency.

It was not a pretty picture.

The work that was done in the 26 markets where we had the Account was, from a Creative perspective, average to bad.

In any given month, there were two or three countries that were threatened with losing the business.

There was huge turnover in every Team that serviced the Account. In every office it was considered to be a nightmare Account. Being moved onto this business was considered an invitation to leave the Agency.

Most assignments were awarded on the basis of pitches. This meant that the Agency was in a constant state of upheaval.

And last but not least, the Account was run at break even.  We were not even making any money on the business.

I never asked why we did not resign the business because I was terrified of being laid off if we lost the business.

Now, with the benefit of perspective, I ask myself, what was the point?

Every Agency has a Client like this.  It should not. It is not worth it.

Not every Agency is right for every Client.  Not every Client is right for every Agency.

Sometimes, these situations cannot be made to work.

Sometimes the battered wife just has to walk away.

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