Agencies are constantly telling their Clients that they need to make their Brand stand out from its competition. They need to be fresh, different and memorable. Only then will Consumers remember and prefer the Brand.

Agency Credentials are like a campaign for the Agency and the target is the marketing decision maker. The objective is to persuade him that this is the best Agency for his needs. To do this the credentials need to fresh, different and memorable. Only then will he remember and prefer the Agency Brand.

Unfortunately they seldom practice what they preach.

All too often, Credentials follow this template:

Our Clients: Look at all the blue chips that we work with and the different categories we understand. And even though we work with huge Clients, we provide the same level of attention to our small Accounts.

Our Proprietary Planning Process: It is a foolproof guide to getting to winning ideas in all media. And none of our competitors has anything like it.

Our Case Studies: Look at how we have built many different brands in many different situations. And by the way, we are not old media focused.

Our Network: We can seamlessly and quickly transfer learning across categories and geographies.

Our Reel: We have lots of award winning spots but we also know that awards are not really that important. And by the way, we are not old media focused.

If you happen to be a local Agency that competes with Multinationals, you replace the Our Network module with…

Local Market Knowledge & Senior Management Involvement: We understand this market better than any multinational and we do not need approval from Corporate or Regional Management. Our Management has full authority.

If your Credentials look like this (and please move beyond the PowerPoint bells & whistles), you are not helping yourself. Your Clients are slowly being convinced that Agencies are commodities. They may as well go with the cheapest one.

If you want your new business operation to take off, get off the credentials template and do something different, fresh and memorable.

It is what you would recommend to your Client.

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