When Agencies are starting out they tend to be small organizations.

Clients recognize that they are fast, inexpensive, and that the senior most people will always be available to them.

This is also the way large Agencies handle New Business. Small multidisciplinary teams come together to analyze a Client issue and to quickly and efficiently propose a solution.

However, as Agencies grow, they tend to organize themselves in departments. Before long, each department develops its own agenda and often starts to compete with other departments. The focus of the Agency moves away from Clients. Turf wars start and the process becomes much more inefficient.

To avoid this from happening, the best way to organize the Agency is around Brand Teams.

Think of them like New Business Teams that work on existing accounts.

They are experts with different but complementary skill sets that come together to solve Brand problems.

The benefits are clear.

Everyone on the Team is focused on Client issues. There are no departmental agendas.

The Team is tailor made with the disciplines that are required by specific Clients. This leads to happy Clients as they are not paying for things that they do not want or need.

Information flow is fast and easy.

Senior people are involved. Decisions are made quickly.

Turf wars are reduced to an absolute minimum.

The solutions that are delivered to the Client are high quality, fast and efficient.

Isn’t this the whole point?

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