In the Advertising world the word rehearsal can mean any of the following:

“We will look at the presentation on the way to the Client’s office”

“When I get to this slide I will talk about this…”

“I read through the deck several times last night”

While all of these approaches are well intentioned, neither is very effective.

A proper rehearsal requires the following:

The materials must be ready and in their final form. Don’t assume that things will be ready for the final presentation and that they will be perfect

All of the people involved in the presentation must be present. Don’t let anyone parachute in and play a role in the final presentation

Every presenter must present his bit just as he will do it in the real thing. It must be word for word. No ad-libbing or improvising

There must be enough time for changes to be made and a new rehearsal done.

If this sounds extreme do the following.

After you next presentation, ask yourself what you could have done better if you had followed these guidelines. And be truthful with the answer.

Your presentation could have been better.

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