Think for a second and try to identify your favorite movie.

Chances are that at some point during the movie the story turned.  And when it did, it coaxed a laugh or a tear or a smile out of you. And that reaction colored your feelings to the whole movie and made you a fan.

In my case I like to use the example of the movie “Rocky”.

In that movie there were two wonderful moments. The first one was when Rocky is finally able to run up the steps of the Philadelphia library. The music builds and Rocky reaches the top, turns around and raises his hands. He is no longer a loser.

The second one is during the fight with Apollo Creed. At some point the audience starts believing that Rocky might win. The music turns and the chants of “Rocky, Rocky” start.

Even though I have seen the movie many times those two moments still give me chills. Through his storytelling, the Director was able to set up both these magic moments and extract from me the reaction he was seeking.

When you present creative work it is your responsibility to identify the turning point in the story. You must present it in such a way that you get the desired reaction from your Client. If the spot is funny get the laugh or the smile. If it is poignant, get the tear.

When your Client gets and reacts to the ‘magic moment’ chances are very high that you have made your sale.

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