For most Agencies, it is unthinkable to put advertising on the air and forget about it.

The results have to be measured and learnings gleaned. What worked?  What did not work? What needs to be changed? How should it be changed?  In short, how can it be done better the next time around?

If we believe that this principle works for our Brands, it should work for our Briefs as well.

After every project the person writing the Brief should do a post mortem on it.

Sit down with the Team and talk about the Brief in light of the end result.  Was the work as good as expected? If it was, what in the Brief helped drive this? If it was not good enough, where was the brief lacking?

What conclusions can be drawn that can be useful for the next project? What can be done differently and better?

You can also do this by digging up three pieces of work that the Agency is proud of and comparing them to their respective briefs. What can you learn?

Do the same thing for three pieces of lousy work? What can you identify in the respective briefs that led to a substandard product?  How can you avoid this in the future?

Before too long, you will have much better briefs.

Use the post mortem to bring your brief to life.

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