Very few advertising people will recognize or accept this dark, dirty little secret.

In the world of traditional advertising, when the ad goes on air, the feeling is that the work is done. Sure, there will be some research feedback, but chances are it will be some months later.

And if the learning requires changes, they will be done on the next project.

This mindset will get you nowhere in the world of Advertising 2.0.

The digital world dictates a frank, real-time, two way conversation between Marketers and his Consumer.

This conversation only starts when the digital asset goes live, but once it does, it is ongoing and mandates that the Marketer acknowledges and reacts to the feedback.

This might mean immediate changes in the direction or the content of the “copy”.

It might require efforts to make angry or frustrated consumers change their mind and feel better.

You might need to make rapid changes in response to whatever your competitor is doing.

The truth is that when the assets go “live”, the work has not ended.

It is just starting.  The Agency has to come to grips with it.

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