“It’s right here in the Brief! Did you even read the brief I sent you three weeks ago??”

Most Account Management people have faced this situation. The Creative working on the business seems to willfully ignore what is in the Brief.

The natural conclusion is that Creatives are just irresponsible and must be treated like little children. They must be constantly supervised and kept on task. This may be true once in a while but in the vast majority of cases, it is not.

Something completely different is at play and the solution is quite simple.

Just like some people are left handed and others are right handed, people tend to have a preferred modality. Some people are visual and process information with their eyes. Others are auditory and like to listen to things. Kinesthetic people process information by touching things. And others actually like to read.

In most Creative departments you will find lots of visual people who do not like to read boring documents, and this dislike is more pronounced when the document is writing in marketing language.

If you want make sure that your Creative partner processes the information in your Brief, ask him if he is visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Once you find out his preferred modality, take key elements of the brief and bring them to life using that modality. If he is visual, find things to show him. Use big gestures. If he is auditory, find things in the brief that he can listen to. Tell the brief as if it were a story. And so on.

Your briefs will be better understood and more inspiring. You will get better Ideas from your Creative, and you will get them faster.

Can you see what I am saying?

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