There are a lot of terms that are thrown around in the world of advertising and the definitions have often not been very clear.

This has always been so.

Twenty years ago, if you asked ten Advertising Professionals to define creativity, you probably would have gotten nine different definitions. “Innovation” and “insights” would be other terms with multiple definitions and we could go on and on.

The same thing happens in the world of Advertising 2.0 when we talk about Digital and Interactive.

This is not a good thing.

So let’s clarify the terms using simple language and explain why this is relevant.

Interactive Marketing happens when the buyer and the seller are able to have an ongoing dialog. This means that both sides can carry out a “conversation” of sorts.

Digital Marketing happens when the seller uses all forms of digital channels to reach the buyer. These channels include the internet as well as non-internet channels like SMS.

If a Marketer puts a phone number on a billboard and a consumer calls this number up and a sale or even a contact is made, interactive marketing has happened, even though no digital channels were used.

Why is this important?

Interactive Marketing is made more powerful by digital channels but the lack of the adequate digital channels does not mean you cannot do interactive.

As you plan out your activities, think about them in interactive terms and then figure out how digital technology can make it better, easier and cheaper.

Always think interactive first and digital second.

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