One of the most important drivers of great advertising is a powerful insight. And when you write a brief you are expected to include such an insight, preferably in the next 48 hours!

Where in the world do you find it?  Well, if you are smart, you probably already have it in your Insights Journal.

What in the world is an Insights Journal?

Think of it like a diary. It is a little notebook, small enough to carry around with you. It is divided into five or six broad headings covering your target markets and categories of interest.

In it, you will write down one or two insights every day: the things that strike you about human behavior. Write down every observation no matter how trivial.

Once you commit to keeping an Insights Journal your powers of observation will be enhanced. You’ll find yourself noticing things that you previously would have ignored. And as you write things down, new questions will pop up. New areas will open up for exploration.

After a couple of months you’ll have many little observations in your Insights Journal.

When time comes to write the Brief you will probably have the killer insight you are looking for.

And that Brief can be written not in 48 hours but in 24!  (Just don’t tell anyone or the next time they will only give you half the time to do it!)

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