When we think about presentations we tend to focus on the actual document. We spend time developing, reviewing and changing the “deck” until it is finally presentable.

This is a good thing. Please continue to do it.

However, don’t ever believe that the “deck” is the presentation.  If this were so, all you would have to do is email it over to the audience.

In reality YOU are the presentation.

YOU are the one who can bring the deck to life (or kill it) through your delivery and body language

YOU are the one who will be able to gauge audience reaction and adjust accordingly. The more engaged the audience is, the more likely you are to “sell” your point of view

YOU are the one who will have to handle the questions and concerns that will be voiced at the end. If you don’t do this well your chances of success are not good.

YOU are the one who will be responsible for closing the deal for your company. Once you stand in front of a group, you are the embodiment of your employer.

YOU are representing your personal Brand. If you are successful, your credibility will increase and your career will be given a boost. If you crash and burn your career will take a step backward.

So before you actually get ready to present, do a YOU audit and make sure that the presentation really is ready.

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