Psychologists and self-help experts understand the power of focus

They will tell you that when you focus on making something happen, the chances of it becoming reality are much, much greater.

People are capable of great feats if they set their minds to it or if they feel that they can benefit from it.

Men who have never run marathons do it all the time

Regular people who do not believe they will get through Bootcamp become soldiers.

In an Agency there are usually a small group of people that focus on new business. The President, the New Business VP, and maybe a department head or two are committed to bring in new accounts.

Everyone else worries about their existing accounts only.

While this is good, it is not good enough.

You need to get everyone focused on New Business

A good way to address this is to set a new business objective for every Account Director and Creative Director in the Agency that is responsible for a piece of business.

The objectives can be any of the following:

  • More revenue from existing accounts
  • Another Brand from existing Clients
  • A complementary account.

You can also make up others and let people figure out how to achieve them.

Importantly, develop a bonus program for the Account/Creative Director for each piece of new business won.

You will get a lot of smart people focusing on new business and your chances of winning some will greatly increase.

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