Have you ever been on the wrong side of an information dump?

Have you ever been so bored in a presentation that you actually started nodding off?

Have you ever fantasized about slowly and painfully strangling the presenter?

Unfortunately, this has happened to a lot of people in the industry and a lot of great ideas have died an early and unfair death.

Even though presentations are serious business, don’t bore your audience to tears. Always find a way to make your presentation fun. Find something that will get a smile from your audience and help them to engage.

You can do it through the clever use of images or you can tell an amusing story or two.

You can also smile and let people see that you are enjoying yourself because fun is contagious.

If you want a better presentation, figure out how to leave your audience with a smile on their face at the end. If you are able to do this, chances are that you will have sold through your point of view.

PS- Don’t confuse fun with telling jokes. Jokes are very dangerous. Sometimes they are not funny. Often people don’t “get” them. And worst of all, someone could be offended.

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