Have you ever seen any weight loss advertising that doesn’t show before and after pictures? The unflattering “before” picture shows people in ugly clothes with sad expressions. The beautifully shot “after” picture shows happy people in great fitting, fashionable clothes.

How about baby food or diapers advertising? Have you noticed there’s always a beautiful smiling baby in the ad?

Advertising for sexy women’s clothes often show a handsome man appreciating how great she looks?

The vast majority of advertising in these categories follows these guidelines. Most categories have their truths. These truths have been developed over time and have proven to be successful. The manufacturer associates them with business success and the consumer has become accustomed to seeing advertising like this and has “approved” it through product purchase.

So what does this have to do with Briefs?

If you want to write a better brief, start by identifying the category truths and understand why and how they work.

Discuss them to your Creative team. Get them to understand why the truths exist and why they are important.

Then challenge them to use the category truth in a different, better, more creative way.

By doing this, you will have satisfied the Creative Category truth: the urge to always do things differently.

Chances are, the work you will see will indeed be fresh and creative with no nasty, off strategy surprises.


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