When Agencies work on Client brands, one of the first things they ask their Client is-

“Who is your target?”

Typically the Client will offer up a primary and a secondary target and this will spark a second request.

“Try to be single minded. Who is the core target?”

The Agency will then build a complete marketing program directed to this Target.

This is the right way to operate but what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

The question then becomes- Who should the Agency’s Target?

Here are some suggestions-

  • Retail/CPG/Durable goods Clients.
  • Clients who value creativity and awards.
  • Clients who need fast and cheap.

There are many different targets in the market and the Agency can pick whichever one it wants.

However, once it chooses who to target, it needs to build this into its new business program and stay consistent as it picks prospects

It would do this for its Clients and it should do no less for itself.

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