Will a Creative be seen as more creative if he wears a suit or if he adopts the slightly scruffy appearance that is expected of him?

Will a fifty year old dressed in a suit be more credible than a 23 year old in jeans, if the subject is skateboards?

Will a person whose wardrobe shows little fashion sense be able to talk convincingly about fashion trends?

While it might not be politically correct to say that people judge you on your appearance, they do.

The minute you stand in front of a group of people, and before you even open your mouth, you are sending them a message.

You can send them the message that you “belong” in this group and, because of this, you deserve their respect and attention.

You can send them a message that you are “different” and are challenging what they view as “convention”. This can potentially be seen as a “warning” and can put them on the defensive.

Or you can be seen as a “fish out of water”, someone who is completely lost and deserves no credibility whatsoever.

As you prepare your presentation think about who your audience is and what they expect. And then make a conscious decision as to what “part” you want to play.

Nine times out of ten, you will have a better presentation if you play the part that is expected of you.

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