Once you have identified the Idea and are convinced that it is the right one, you are ready to move on to the execution.

At this stage, there is a tendency to make “executional” comments. Comments that address copywriting or art direction are inappropriate because the people who are making them very often have not been trained in these disciplines.

If these disciplines are an issue, they must be addressed at a separate meeting. Discussing them now will not help make the execution better.

Comments about the execution should be geared to flag any larger issues and should be couched in specific actionable terms.

Explore the following areas:

Is the execution relevant? 

Will it appeal to the Target? Is it saying and showing things that are of interest to them? Does it speak in a way that they will find engaging? Conversely, is there anything that might offend them?

Is it original?

Is it saying something in a different and interesting way? Importantly, is the originality driving the sale? You want to stay away from originality just for the sake of it.

Is it memorable?

Will it be remembered long after it is seen? Will people talk about it? The more memorable the work, the less money has to be spent in media supporting it.

Covering these three points allows you to evaluate the execution strategically, without getting executional.

The Ads will be better and the Agency will be better off.

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