This lady is about 40 although she looks about 27. She is an excellent housewife. Her house is in perfect order all the time. Every day she wakes up early to serve a delicious, yet nutritious breakfast to her two young children. The smiling family has breakfast around the table, chatting and laughing until they have to head off to face the day.

Our heroine then leaves for the office. It turns out that she is also a highly successful executive. She is completely at home in the corporate world. She wows the CEO of the company with a brilliant presentation. She is congratulated by all of her colleagues. There is not a hint of competition, politics or jealousy in the air.

She then heads home to help her children finish their homework and to prepare a delicious, yet nutritious dinner before packing them off to bed.

And finally, she serves some wine to her husband and slips into something more comfortable. Something that’s sexy but not trashy. The evening is not quite over yet…

Most people will look at this woman and laugh. She obviously does not exist.

She only exists in the world of fake advertising. And she is born of crappy briefs.

As attractive as this woman may be, stay away from her and from people like her. Using her, and perfect people like her in your briefs will make the advertising less believable.

Make sure the person you define as your target is real. Real people have strengths and weaknesses, virtues and vices. If you can capture real people and real emotions and real situations in the brief, the communication ideas will be much more powerful and persuasive.

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