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How many products promise to make women look attractive?  Let’s say twenty five.

How many different products does this same woman shop for and purchase. Let’s say fifty.

Where is this going?

When you are asked to develop an Idea for a brand of jeans that makes you look good, you are often developing ideas that will work across a wide range of products that promise the “look good” benefit. You will develop many ideas and only one will get produced.

When you are asked to develop work that speaks to the target of young women, you will often use insights that can be used across categories. Again, you will develop many ideas and only one will get produced.

Typically, the ideas that were not considered “right” will be trashed. It has always been this way in the Agency business but nowadays, this is an inexplicable and inexcusable waste.

Among the trashed ideas you will find very good concepts that for some reason were not considered “right” for the project. This does not mean they will not be right for another project.

You will also find ideas that were deemed too “risky” for the Client. This does not mean that they will be too risky for another Client

There will be ideas that were not 100% “there”. With just a little bit more work they would be good presentable ideas.

There will also be ideas that work as “thought starters” and will quickly help the Team spark another great Idea.

Finally, there will be ideas that stumble on a powerful insight. This insight could be used to spark something else.

Don’t throw out these ideas. Use them to create a data base of creative directions. Make it searchable by “benefit”, “target” and “insight”.

This will give you a quantum leap in terms of quality, speed and efficiency.

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