“If you build it they will come”.

This is a famous line from a movie called “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner. In it, a man builds a baseball field in the middle of a corn field and by some act of magic, the ghosts of great players appear and play on it.

It is a nice movie and it has a nice happy ending.

In the digital world, building things (sites, blogs, twitter hashtags) is no guarantee that anyone, much less your intended target, will come and visit.

Here are some numbers to provide some perspective:

Netcraft, the researcher said in December 2011 that they were 182 million sites on the Internet. They also claim that the growth of the web has doubled in two years.

So a typical consumer can either go to your site or to 182 million sites that are literally one click away! And this is only the internet.

To phrase it differently, without prompting him, you have one chance in 182 million that your consumer will land in your site!

Assuming that they find out by themselves about your site and be willing to visit is not a smart way to go.

Hope is not a strategy.

Make sure you develop an awareness plan that lets your target know about your digital destinations and give them incentives for visiting and staying.

Use all the media at your disposal, including traditional media and activations, to drive people to your digital assets.

So, to paraphrase the great movie line-

“If you build it (and tell them about it), they will come.

Always have an awareness plan for your digital assets.

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