From the moment you enter the corporate world you learn that this is serious business.

There are signs everywhere:

People are expected to dress in an appropriate manner.

Jokes and politically incorrect speech and behavior are discouraged. This is business after all, not a frat house.

Offices are modern and functional. Personalizing your work space is possible but don’t go too far.

Silence is equated with diligence. If people are quiet they must be working.

Experience has shown that these behaviors are necessary to run an efficient business but these same behaviors are lethal to Idea generation.

If you want better ideas make the session as fun as possible. And I mean “fun” by human standards, not corporate ones.

Do not insist on appropriate dress.  Leave the political correctness at the door. Jokes are welcome and people should be free to act like fools. Think more “party” and less “corporation”

In an Idea Gen session, whenever you hear silence, it means trouble.  The group is struggling to come up with ideas. Quickly inject some fun in the process.

Once you hear laughter  you can be sure the ideas are coming.

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