It’s the oldest cliché in the Ad business. The presenter has built up the anticipation, everyone is waiting to look at the film and phht… the tape gets stuck.

Or the powerpoint freezes.

Or the volume is deafeningly loud.

Or the images on the screen are so washed out that no one can make them out.

Or the internet connection is too slow and the video takes forever to load.

It happens every time.  And no matter, how well the presentation is going, this is guaranteed to destroy all positive momentum.

If you want a better presentation, assume that equipment is going to fail.

Beyond checking all the equipment twice (the night before and just before going on stage), assume that Murphy’s Law will be in full effect.

Think of all the things that can possibly fail and build in back up plans and fail safes.

And always be ready with an equipment joke…it will lighten the mood when things inevitably go wrong!

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