For the last ten years, Real Madrid has followed a strategy called “Galacticos”.

Every year they have tried to sign the European Footballer of the Year. They have managed to make news with it and sell a lot of merchandise but it has been hit and miss on the field.

Agencies also tend to fall for the lure of the “Galactico” strategy.  They try to recruit the hottest creative on the market and hope that by winning awards, they will have a new business bonanza.

Relying on advertising “guns for hire” rarely works and will often seriously affect the performance of the Agency.

Here are some of the negative and very expensive side effects:

Mercenaries have extremely high salaries and cuts will have to done in other areas to make ends meet. The negative effects of the cuts will show up eventually.

You have no guarantee that the Mercenary will actually be any good. He might be a complete bluff and you will have lost a very expensive gamble.

A “caste system” will be created where the Mercenary, who is by definition an outsider, will be at the top. This will encourage mid-level Agency personnel to leave and decimate the ranks of future home grown leaders.

Mercenaries tend to have their own agenda and are seldom Team players. They have a vision of what they want to achieve and will enforce it whether it is the right for the Agency or not.

Mercenaries will bring in their own team. This will cause huge disruption in the Agency an often will divide into warring factions.

Finally, once they have squeezed the Agency for all it is worth, Mercenaries will move on. They will take their Team with them and leave a gaping hole at the Agency.

For the financial health and future of the Agency (and your own!), stay away from advertising mercenaries!

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