It has happened to every presenter.

You were told that you had a full hour but for whatever reason things are running late. You will only have half the time.

Nothing affects a presentation more than having to hurry through it.  You are not able to properly tell the story or make your point.

The other alternative is to whack off whole chunks of the slide show.  This is not necessarily bad; what makes it terrible is that you have very little time to decide which parts should go. The end result is often not pretty.

There is one sure way to address this “less time than we thought” issue and it is very simple.

When you prepare the presentation, try to make it fit in 75% of the allotted time.

A lot of good things will happen.

You will be forced to focus on key issues and eliminate the fluff. This always a good thing

You will have plenty of time for a Q&A session at the end. This is often where you will be able to tie up loose ends and make your sale.

You will have a good chance of ending early which lets everyone get on with their business.

In the world of presentations, early endings are often happy endings.

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