Here is a scenario that has played out countless times.

A Client provides a brief for a project. He lays out how things have always been done on this Brand. He then tells the Agency that he expects them to continue doing the same thing.

The Agency will then say (or think) the following things

“How dare he tell us how to do our job. We are the communication experts!”

“What worked in the past becomes predictable. It will no longer work in the future.”

“That is so not creative and this Account is not where I want to be”

The Agency is right to be indignant. But the Agency commits the same mistake as its Client when thinking about New Business.

Who says that to be successful you have to do the usual things?

  • Win lots of awards and become the “hot shop” that everyone wants to work with (or so we would like to believe)
  • Make a list of your “contacts” and pester them without mercy until they give you a chance to present credentials
  • Hire a high powered new business executive to “open doors”.

Think of the Agency as a Brand. Unleash the creative power of your senior team and challenge yourself to come up with fifty (or a hundred) unheard of ways of getting new business.

Whittle the Ideas down to five and, chances are, you will have several new and high potential ideas to grow your business

You find new ways of building Brands for your Clients. You can do the same for your Brand.

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