Once you have checked that the digital creative is consistent with the Platform proposition it is time to evaluate the “executions”.

While things change very rapidly in the digital world, here are three things that you should look for in the work.

Is it engaging?

People will not spend time with your assets unless they are truly interested in them. So look at your assets not as advertising professionals but as regular people. Will people really find this engaging enough?  If the answer is anything less than a wholehearted “yes” do not move ahead. Don’t try to talk yourself into something that you do not believe. The digital space is littered with assets that no one visits.

Is it easy to share?

If people are engaged they are likely to share material with likeminded people. Getting your target to share the content with other people is the first step to virality. Make it as easy as possible.

Is it functional?

People have no patience with slow loading assets or hard to navigate spaces. Even if they find the content interesting chances are that they will click away from your page. And if they talk about it to their friends, they will say less than flattering things. You do not want that.

Following these three guidelines will make your digital creative better.

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