There is an incredible amount of debate regarding the quality of creative briefs. And most of the things that are said are not very nice. And they are said so often that the brief has become the “usual suspect” when the advertising is not right.

This has led to a situation where writing a brief has become very scary. It is the advertising equivalent of a trial by fire. Whatever you write in that document will reflect on you, your reputation, and your standing as a professional.

All too often, you react defensively. You use big words and do so as often as possible. Marketing buzzwords and jargon are always welcome because they make you sound intelligent.  Tables and data protect you because how can you argue with facts? You take cover in “learnings” and “success models”.

When you finish writing the brief you end up with a finely crafted marketing document.

However, before you pass it on to your creative counterparts do the following.  Read the document.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Does this document immediately spark creative solutions?  If you had to write the advertising, could you come up with an Idea?

In short, does it inspire you?

Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no, chances are your Creative partner will have trouble as well.

Your brief is not ready until it inspires you.

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