For everyone who works or plays on the internet, going viral is a dream. It is the digital equivalent of word of mouth and it is free and it is fast.

The numbers are stunning.

Over 80% of internet users have shared some type of content.

Over 60% do so once a week. Over 25% do it almost daily.

If a piece of content is sent out to five people, and they forward it to another five people each, after five pass-alongs you will be at 25,000,000 people!

Who would not want to have this exposure?

Unfortunately, getting potentially viral content through the corporate world is not easy.

Very few people want to see and share the safe, informative and predictable stuff that the corporate world feels comfortable with.

If you want a chance at virality you have to be willing to take on some sacred cows.

You may want to make fun of something or someone.  In fact, you might have people in your content who are making complete fools of themselves.

You might consider addressing politically incorrect things.

You might end up making fun of your own Brands.

You will have to deal with the fact that to delight a group of people enough that they share your content, you will probably have to piss off another group of people who find your content to be in bad taste or in some way offensive.

Before you try to get something to go viral, understand its true nature. Make sure the whole team is on-board with it and is comfortable with the potential consequences.

If they are not, don’t waste everyone’s time.

Stick to traditional advertising.

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