Agencies have grown so accustomed to not selling through their work on the first go around that it has become a fact of life.

They present, defend the work, take down comments from the Client and blow off steam on the way back to the Agency. And then they work on the revisions.

Little if any time is spent thinking about what really happened in the presentation.

To improve the effectiveness of your presentations you should do a crime scene investigation.

How does this work? It’s really very simple.

If the presentation is in the Agency then tape it.

If it is at the Client’s office, designate a couple of people to observe and to take notes. One person should focus on the Client and another one on the actual presenters.

After the event get the team together and discuss what happened. It is not about assigning blame. It is about learning and doing it better next time around.

Look at the video. Go through the notes. Let everyone share what they saw and felt.

What was the turning point? Where did you lose the Client? What are the two or three most important things to learn from this presentation?

Most importantly, what will the Team do differently next time?

The last Idea may have died but by learning from it you might avoid the same fate next time.

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