You hear it over and over again from prospects.

“Agency X spent two hours talking about themselves and really did not seem to care much for my business”

You hear it over and over from Agency Management.

“We need to spend less time talking about ourselves and more time talking about them”.

Both sides seem to saying the same thing but the problem is seldom addressed.

How can you actually show your credentials without talking about yourself?

If you think about it from a salesman’s point of view the answer is fairly simple.

The first thing that the salesman will ask himself is “What are they buying?”

It could be many things. Here are a few examples:

A solution to a positioning problem, a need for more strategic leadership, more speed in execution, or simply, lower costs.

Then the salesman will ask, “What am I selling?”

This will most likely be your differential advantage versus your competitors, your benefit.

The salesman will then focus all his energy on showing how your problem can be solved with his benefit and that is the first thing he will tell you. If you state clearly upfront how you will solve his problem you will most certainly get his attention.

Within this framework, all the different modules of your pitch, your planning tool, your network, or your cases, will always show how to solve his problem.

While you talk about your business, you are talking about, solving his business problem.

Solve their problem with your benefit and you will solve your new business problem.

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