Everyone has lived through this nightmare.

The pitch presentation is tomorrow. In the rehearsal something just does not feel right. The team works until late at night to get it right. At 4am you have a couple of options. None of them wows you but have no more time. You choose one and then go home to take a quick shower before the pitch.

In the pitch, you can sense that things are not going well.

If only you could have…you feel terrible about the whole experience and vow that next time it will be different.

And the same thing happens again.

Here is an easy way to make this issue go away.

When you are planning out the timetable for pitch preparation, plan for major changes of direction. Leave a full 25% of the time for rehearsals and revisions. And make sure it is not negotiable.

This will ensure several things:

There will be sufficient time to fully develop that second round of ideas that come out of the first review.

You will be able to structure your presentation around the second set of ideas and do it properly.

If there are no changes of direction, this will give you even more time to rehearse and prepare. It is often HOW you present your work, more than the work itself that tilts the pitch in your direction.

Think of planning for the last minute changes as planning to win.

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