When the Agency is invited to a pitch it is usually given a brief and asked to come up with a Creative solution. The Team spends almost all of its time and resources to come up with a solution to this problem.

However, solving this problem might not be the real key to winning the pitch.

There are many reasons why an Advertiser might decide to move his account… And often, these reasons are not written into the brief.

Here are a few potential ones:

  • Account Management is weak. There is no strategic leadership.
  • The Client’s business is declining. Business as usual is not working.
  • The Client’s business requires fast and cheap. The Agency is slow and costly.
  • The Client has one opinion on what Creative for his Brand should be. The Agency has another.
  • There are people issues. Key Client players do not like to work with key Agency folks.

Understanding the real reason for the move can help the Agency serve up its solution in the right way.  While the Agency will explicitly present its solution to the brief, it implicitly, but clearly spells out its solution to the real problem.

The Agency that figures out and solves the real problem will normally win the Account.

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