Some years ago, in the early days of the Internet, a few very young men came up with a brilliant idea.

They called it file sharing.

Using this technology people could make his or her music files available to everyone else.  You could go online and download pretty much any song you wanted and you could do it for free!

There was only one problem: it was illegal. The music companies used all of their considerable legal muscle to shut this down.

Apple had a different perspective on this.

They launched the iPod and people loved it. And to feed the iPod you had to go to iTunes and pay for your download.

Apple took a business that was illegal and made it legal.  Did they stop illegal music downloads? No, they did not. But they did manage to carve out a sliver of that market and develop a hugely profitable business for themselves.

What does this have to do with Idea Gen?

When you are in an Idea Gen session, force yourself to come up with at least three or four illegal ideas. And once you have them, figure out a way to make them legal.

By doing this you will be forcing yourself to explore areas that you normally would not consider.

These off limits areas are often full of new and transformational ideas, for the simple reason that no one goes there!

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