Do you remember a time not so long ago when tattoos were worn by sailors, convicts and bikers?  So please explain to me why, nowadays, teenage girls think that ‘ink” is cool? And why is the tattoo so low on the hip?

Do you remember your mother telling you that underwear should be worn under your clothes and not shown in public? Again, please explain to me how it has become fashionable to display your boxers or your thong?

Has anyone ever watched a “gansta” rap video and asked themselves how these extremely suggestive images could possibly air on open TV?

The answer to these questions is easy.

Morality is not an absolute value. It changes over time. What may he scandalous today could well be “cool” tomorrow.

When we are in Idea Generation we have a built in censor in our head.  If we consider something to be immoral we steer clear of it. We do not mention it. This is a mistake. When we impose our own standards on things that our target might see in a whole different light, we can lose a brilliant idea.

When you are brainstorming, always try to come up with two or three “immoral” ideas.  Things that make you cringe or really scare you.

When you are evaluation phase ask yourself two questions

Is this really scandalous to the target?

If it is scandalous, how can I make it “cool”?

The answers might surprise you and you could be on your way to a breakthrough idea.

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